“If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other’s person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own.” -- Henry Ford

Stephanie wants to help build on the positive work the Board of Education is doing but is ready to tackle tough issues head-on to further improve systems and the quality of instruction. She realizes that this is impossible if the Board cannot work as a unified and cohesive team, and therefore, pledges to build relationships and consensus on the Board.

Other Key Issues

Stephanie sees the following items as worthy of attention and action from the Board of Education, knowing that they require securing adequate human resources (volunteers and paid professional educators, counselors, social workers, and other support and ancillary staff) and financial resources from community and business partnerships, bonds, and other local, state, and federal sources.

Ensure that school system and schools use their human resources and financial resources as efficiently, effectively, and equitably as possible.

Realizing that children learn differently, and with guidance from education professionals, this will require not only carefully reviewing proficiency, growth, and other pertinent data but also digging deeper into the reasons these results occurred so that appropriate action plans can be developed and tracked through to completion.

End goals: 1) High achieving as well as underperforming students are challenged and want to come to school and are provided the tools they need to succeed, and 2) all NHCS schools are considered good schools, eliminating the need for a complicated student assignment system.

Review and revise all NHC Board of Education policies

so that they are in compliance with NC General Assembly statutes and in alignment with NC School Boards Association best practices. Using an outside consultant, in conjunction with NHCS stakeholder feedback, could streamline the process, assist with uniformity of language, and provide for a faster and smoother rollout.

Ensure that NHCS has systems in place to monitor adherence to these policies as well the rules and guidelines that support them and to consistently and uniformly enforce consequences when deviations are discovered.

Ensure that systems and equipment are in place to provide a safe and healthy school climate and environment (physically, socially, and emotionally) for all students, teachers, and support staff at each school and each NHCS building.

Recruit and retain qualified teachers and support staff.

Teachers are the heart of public education. They must be valued and recognized for their tireless work in the classroom. We need to explore additional resources to reward teachers somehow whose work increases academic performance. We need to provide adequate coaching and professional development for teachers at all levels in their teaching career. Recruit and retain bus drivers, custodians, child nutrition workers, and other in-school partners. Ancillary personnel are equally as vital as teachers in the education process.

Network and partner with local businesses

to develop a database of lecturers and classroom instructors, to establish lasting mentorships, apprenticeships, internships, and job shadowing opportunities, and to secure resources to cover unfunded mandates and enhancements for classroom instruction, outside-the-classroom activities, and athletic facilities.

Grow our Career and Technical Education programs

so that students have viable and respected paths after high school, and our business partners see immediate results in the local job market.